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1. The following are digital channels EXCEPT
2. Ade is a photographer and has a website where he advertises his photographs. Which platform would you advise Ade to use to promote his website?
3. Bisi, an awesome caterer created a Facebook page and has no fans for her page. What is the best advice you would give Bisi to grow her Facebook page fan base?
4. Which of these is not important when doing a competitors analysis?
5. Which of these is TRUE about your competition?
6. When creating a digital strategy for your business, what is the first step?
7. Which of these puts your business digital strategy above your competition?
8. Which of these is FALSE about search marketing?
9. Which of these isn’t an advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing?
10. SEO is paid and SEM is free
11. Which of these is the most engaging content?
12. Which of these channels is the best for brand perception?
13. Chris has started selling agricultural products and wants to have a social media presence for his new business.What would you advise Chris?
14. Which of these tools is used to identify trends in an industry
15. Search engine marketing through google is done via
16. Search engine optimization favours websites with all of these EXCEPT
17. Goals in digital strategy are measured by
18. Blogs can be used for the following EXCEPT
19. Which of these is not an important feature on the homepage of a website
20. Digital marketing involves using digital channels separately.