Digital Training Tour

We are glad to know that you want to host this session in your organization, please fill the form below to grant us all information needed to make it happen.

Please fill this form at least 5 days to your proposed training date, this is to give room for adequate planning and organization on our end.

As our host, we need you to:
1. Provide us with a venue for the training (this should be your meeting point, could be a church, mosque, town hall etc)
2. Provide a projector and power for our trainer to use.

We will be coming with:
1. Expert trainers to take your audience through the digital skills program
2. Training matersials
3. Every participants will also be getting the certificate of attendance endorsed by our partners (including Google).

This training is totally FREE! We won’t be charging you a dime and you are not on any occasion to charge the participants, or else, we will cancel the traininig for that group.

For more info, please email

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