The Digital Ibadan Project is dedicated to grow you as a career person or a successful entrepreneur in this digital dominated age.

In your mind, do a quick rewind to about 15 years ago. How were we doing business? What type of jobs was available back then? Do you remember an era and age when we had NIPOST? Those days of waiting for a month to literally say, "Hello on the other side"?

Now, fast forward to present day. We now have businesses with no office space making a lot of money even careers that never existed years back are now becoming more prominent. Quite a number of organizations need you to be tech and digital savvy before you can work with them. On the side of the aisle, customers are now requesting for the social media handles of businesses in order to carry out their own research.

In the wake of this digital disruption, The Digital Project, Ibadan is offering free training to hand you a skill that would help you be and stay relevant in the new world we now find ourselves. After the training, participants stand a chance to compete and win prizes and funds to support their idea.

Attend A
Free Session

By attending a TDP Session, you will learn the following:

  1. Introduction to the world of digital
  2. The Internet opportunity
  3. How to build your online presence
  4. Career & Entrepreneurship Masterclass
  5. Leveraging Digital For Business and Career
  6. Free Training Certificates Endorsed By Our Partners
  7. Further opportunities and more

So many sessions are happening day in day out, please check to see which fits your timing!

Do you work at or head an organization (religious, community based or of any kind) with youths and SMEs in it? Will you like to host this free empowerement session for your members? Click on the link below to get started!